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Hi all & welcome to the new Community Portal! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’ll most likely take some time for people to find their way out here but to kick things off thought I’d make this first post. The general idea is to have this place for more in-depth discussions around the DEX, Launchpad and the DAO.

There’s a whole category for “DAO Proposals” so anyone can start a DAO Proposals discussion before creating a binding on-chain proposal to vote for. We also have “Tech talks” section among others, but you can post under “General” if you’re not sure or use any of the other categories and tags as you best see fit.

There’s also other features you might be familiar with like the option to create a poll on any topic or reply. Testing one out now on this forum so go check that out while it’s live if you want to know more.

With that out of the way, I wanted to make this post open to any ideas, thoughts, suggestions and feedback. simply open the floor for anyone to reply here, if you got any particular topics in mind you’d like to see discussed on our new Community Portal. This could be anything from tech-related to non-tech topics, DAO governance, Launchpad, new features or future plans. We can always open a whole new conversation here if there’s a particular topic of more interest.

So… stop by to say hi when you have a chance, drop any ideas, thoughts or comments in here if you feel like it. Welcome again and see you around! :wave:

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something to add… please feel free to share any suggestions or things you’d like to see and do with the new community portal itself as well. as mentioned you can do things like build quick polls with various options and settings… what are some things and topics you’d wish to see here in the future? :eyes:

I think the discussion on discord is not very active and therefore there is a big question whether this forum will be of any use… it would be nice to see that wrt is not being dumped in a sophisticated and small batch way by extracting liquidity… and other strange practices. In any case, even a small effort is appreciated and I hope that wrt will start again… Because those who bought in the public sale are now in a really big minus. Brace yourself. and show everyone that WRT is a competitive DEX and not just a relic fading into oblivion.


By the way, this seems like an interesting platform for communication. Maybe it could find use in the cardano world… something like our own X or a decentralized social network :wink:

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it would be great to see something like that eventually, social networking on the Cardano blockchain. there’s been some attempts so far outside of Cardano.

check out Nostr for example, which is a decentralised social network working through a bunch or relays. you got a private key for log in, public key for verifying, supports lightning network payments.

The best part is you can connect and use it in a bunch of ways, and your profile is safe behind your private keys. Easiest way to get started is using a client like Damus for iOS mobile. check it out if interested. I’m sure we’ll see more solutions like this. open-sourced too!! :slight_smile:

worth noting though Nostr is very Bitcoin-focused and full of maxis, haha. backed by Jack Dorsey who’s a very active user there. Damus app is pretty much like Twitter with Bitcoin Lightning network integrated, haha. but still a very cool thing they’ve built and something worth checking out.

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