New Roadmap Draft

Planning for the potential ahead, the new WingRiders Roadmap for the DEX and Launchpad have been added to

:fire: Coming in Q4
:rocket: Launchpad new features
:tv: UI upgrades for both Users and Projects
:ballot_box: Open-source on-chain DAO Governance

:clock1: Items to discuss in 2024
:coin: Batcher Fees Paid in WRT
:bar_chart: Pro subscription version for advanced features and statistics
:people_hugging: Community Feature Improvements

:speaking_head: First we discuss
:ballot_box: Second we submit the process for DAO voting
:white_check_mark: Then if we agree, we push these into existence. With more and more development, upgrades, and future plans, let’s come together to make it all possible.

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nice summary, thanks for sharing! :tada:


  • Looking forward to seeing WRT batching fees implemented asap and decentralised batching agents. I think these two are important and both much requested features.

  • The Pro version/subscription is an interesting addition too and something I imagine will be great to build upon going forward.

Q4, 2023

  • For what’s still planned for the next quarter I’m interested to see how the funded Catalyst Proposal, On-chain DAO Governance, will manifest and if this is something that can add to the existing Wingriders DAO process or something that’s more for others to implement and plug into?

  • I hope we get to see more from Launchpad soon enough; some different type of launches, improvements and implementation of new features. I don’t think we’ve yet fully seen everything the Launchpad can do.

These are just some of my personal first impressions. I’m curious to hear more from the community. What do you guys think? comments, thoughts, questions? :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing it!

As @ilkka said, paying batcher fees with WRT and decentralized batchers are two of the most requested features.

If batcher fees is one of the main revenues of the project right now (as stated in the roadmap), I agree that’s not wise to implement “Community batchers” until we have reached higher trading volumes.

But I missed v2 in the roadmap. We just got a 200%-300% speed improvement that made WR swaps very fast even with v1, but let me put here some questions that community raised:

  1. Couldn’t we reach even further speed improvements with v2?
  2. How could all the other DEXes plan to upgrade, but WR states that needs more infrastructure from Cardano?
  3. Isn’t better to already upgrade before more volume comes?
  4. If WR plans to deploy more than just speed improvements in the v2, wouldn’t be better to split it in 2 different upgrades? One just for the speed improvements and another one for when Cardano reaches the necessary maturity?

PS: I loved to see the team putting it to be discussed! It’s a great opportunity to the community to help shaping the best roadmap that we can get :smiley:


I’ll echo @_lucasribeiro in that it would be great to get some brief comments from the team on these points about excluding v2 from the roadmap for now. This has been something noted by the community and it would be very helpful to get an overview of the reasoning behind choosing to focus on these new points instead.

From what’s been noted before, and especially since the latest DEX improvements, it seems that performance is not a worry and remains very much competitive with even more optimisation yet to come. So there is little to gain in performance compared to the amount of work that would go into rewriting the contract to V2? It’s worth noting that everything new that’s built from scratch like the Launchpad, is already running on V2 so this could very well be a piece by piece process.

So if we exclude performance, the questions around V2 from the community, boiled down:

  • Is there anything we’re missing out on by not upgrading to V2 yet?
  • or the same question in different words, are there any key features that are only available with a contract upgrade to V2?

I’m repeating some questions while answering others, but my main point is to try to echo chats with the community and provide some further context.

@community_rider + WR team
As mentioned, this being the official forum to discuss this proposal and others, it would be great to get some further comments here on these two points:

  • insight directly from team on the reasoning behind choosing the new areas to focus on for the new Roadmap
  • why we can remain confident that the current DEX contract will be more than enough for the time being

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Nice break down guys, you’ve transferred all community concerns from discord in a very good way.

  1. With an AMM model that we have currently the contracts make and don’t make a difference at the same time.
    When we talk about normal swaps on non-busy pools then we are currently almost at the best speed we can, we have swaps getting batched in the right next block after getting submitted. There is a theoretical possibility of getting a request executed in the same block it gets submitted in, but that is a bit more involved process.
    When we talk about busy pools, when there is a bigger backlog of unfulfilled requests then yes. Rewriting the core DEX contracts into Plutarch (or something more fine-tuned for performance than Plutus) could help us fit more requests into one block. Currently, we can fit 10, not sure what would be the limit with a possible rewrite, but I am hopeful it could be at least double that.
  2. Not sure I understand this point.
  3. Don’t see any real difference, the hassle with upgrading will be always the same, it’s a manual process that the users need to initiate, and therefore it needs to have proper incentives for users to migrate.
  4. It doesn’t make sense to make it in 2 different upgrades, you ideally don’t want to be updating your contracts all the time, as even if you make it somehow more automatic it’s still a costly and involved process, so better to focus on both at the same time and do it properly :slight_smile: Also not sure why you think Cardano hasn’t reached necessary maturity?

V2 was left out of the roadmap because it currently didn’t make sense to include it. There is a backlog of potential improvements to the protocol, such as, but not limited to:

  • upgrade to Plutarch - lower execution costs - lower fees
  • datum hash forwarding
  • variable fees
  • zap-in

But so far after analyzing the market and the potential benefits a V2 would have, the dev time and associated costs didn’t make sense for us to focus on it.
Of course, there are bigger potential features a V2 could bring aside from this small-ish quality of life improvements, but as I said currently the cost vs benefits analysis favored other dev priorities :slight_smile:


appreciate the insight! so it’s something down the road once there’s more to be gained but from a pure cost vs benefits analysis as of now it makes more sense to focus on these other new features first.

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It seems we’re facing a fundamental question: What magnitude of changes is needed for a DeFi project to be truly called V2? To be a revolution rather than just another evolutionary step?


good one!

what features would you, the community, want to see in Wingriders v2?

let me start with a few that have been mentioned previously:

  • even lower costs
  • DAO-controlled/self-adjusting farming rewards
  • variable/customisable fees
  • multi token/pool swaps
  • token baskets
  • programmable swaps & strategies

p.s this is a very broad, starry-eyed wishlist collected from various & frequent, past & present community feedback + comments. let me know if I missed anything! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have no idea about the features develolment yet. But I think we can also add on how we can attract more new token on our launchpad where we can increase our TVL and transactions.


Respectfully this isn’t very forward thinking at all. DEXs are currently working to migrate to V2 and Aiken. They are talking about substantially improvements to performance. So when the volume starts to pick up again in the crypto industry that’s when wingriders will work on it ?? That doesn’t make much sense to me. How are we going to compete with the other dexs running old tech ?

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I would say you touched almost everything, I like the LP customizable fees, seems to be a good way to tackle LP sniping bots


for sure, let’s not forget Launchpad. I believe development is ongoing and we’ll see the Launchpad evolve together with the DEX with new features and utilities. But for the platform to succeed you’ll need more new launches to demonstrate, meaning it needs to keep attracting more projects to launch using it. Hopefully we’ll see some more soon :crossed_fingers:

Looking at what AXO brings, what is the possibility of going down a similar path? This is a completely different level and revolution of DEX and DEfi. How much is DEWS now? Are there any ideas for cooperation with AXO? Seriously, how many people work for WRT now and how involved was she in the development of Vaccum labs? I’ve been rooting for you WRT ever since you found a bug on another unnamed DEX and helped them fix it. Since then, however, there have not been many invitation messages about WRT among degens, rather the opposite. accusations of espionage and the like. IMHO, it would also be worth a shot at the graphical form, if possible. :wink:


Nice one @o_old. Even though they are two entirely different forms of Dexes (CFMM & order book), I viewed AT as competing for the same liquidity as WR. But a cooperative with Axo is an interesting, glass half full spin on my take. Any thoughts on what can make it a mutually beneficial cooperative?

we’ll most definitely need to keep evolving and competing with others, meaning more complex and advanced features in the future that will push the envelope. the competition is good and will keep everyone pushing further. looking forward to seeing Axo go live on mainnet!

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I’m a big supporter of the WingRiders DEX, and the Vacuumlabs team. The team has demonstrated to be one of the most competent, and innovative in the space. Moving forward the team should begin, if not already to continue;

  • Building relationships with innovative projects (Optim, Butane, Mayz, Meteria, Integral)
  • Proving smart contract auditing and consulting services to these projects
  • Identifying and providing additional incentives to projects in specific sectors (Lending, Yield Aggregation, Synthetics/iAssets, Oracles, Portfolio Management)

Most DEXes appear to be going for the jack of all trades, master of none model. WingRiders should differentiate themselves in this sense, identify a niche and serve that niche better than any other DEXes. Tokenomics is one of the most attractive in the ecosystem, which you can fractionalized unlike some tokens I know (no shade).


I think a really important thing is to work on the image of Wingrider. A lot of people in the space dont like Wingriders, because of several stuff. Maybe Wingriders 2.0 isnt just about being innovative regarding tech, but also communication, reputation and decentralization.


Hey man, I have nothing against this project doing work on their image, but what “several stuff” you are refering too?