Oops something went wrong message, need tech support


On July 4th as I was harvesting my farming rewards I got a message stating “Oops something went wrong… Refresh page”. I clicked the refresh message and nothing happened.

I have tried resynching the lap top clock, shutting down and restarting, to no avail. I still cannot access the app and need to confirm if my funds are safe. 

I have sent 2 emails to info@wingriders.com without any response on the matter. Can anyone provide support on this?

Kind regards.

Hello @Dagian I had the same issue but i got it sorted by texting the Wingriders Support that gave me guide

Hi, Cathy:

Thanks for your help on this. As I noted on my post, I have emailed Wingriders support but have not received any response. How did you got ahold of them?


got hold of them on live chat that i just share with you

The link is trying to direct me to Uniswap and flagged as a phishing hazard.

meant Metamask, not Uniswap… this does not sound right.