DAI/DJED pool adding liquidity with an ERC-20 token

Hi. I would like to add liquidity to this pool, how can I get DAI in my wallet (I use Yoroi) to do so.
What’s the process to add liquidty to this pool since DAI is an ERC-20 stablecoin?


Hi, this asset is a bridged asset using the WAN Bridge (wanchain.org). So in order to get DAI, you can bridge it from other chains if you have it there, or you can always buy it on WingRiders.

You can also verify that the DAI token policy ID on the - Wanchain BlockChain Explorer (wanscan.org).


Liqwid Finance announced asset market for DAI now as well @iGen_coin


can’t wait to see more stableswap pools as the ecosystem grows but the pools will need some initial liquidity first to ensure meaningful functionality and stability for swaps. most likely someone will need to first step up to provide that to kick things off. but I’m hopeful these sort of things will sort themselves out with more TVL cominng into Cardano in due time.