WRT farming emission strategy, transparency & governance

Hello, Riders! :saluting_face:

Recently the topic of token emissions for liquidity providing and farming came up within the community and this feels like a good time to bring this up for further discussion. let’s start with going over what we know, some of the information shared on this topic in the past, any improvements to consider and then discuss further in the comment section.

WRT distribution info
Wingriders DEX offers a detailed breakdown of WRT distribution available to all, updated frequently. This is the best source to use and start with to get a good overview of the distribution info:


Farm Emission Logic walkthrough
Wingriders team has shared some insight on this topic previously here:

Among other things, this blog details the current long term strategy for farming emission to last until 2027 or 2028:

  • 40% of supply dedicated to farming rewards
  • slow and steady decrease of rewards over time to ensure rewards last for years
  • option to suggest to buybacks of WRT with platform swap fees to refill the farming emission treasury

Community Feedback & Further discussion
I believe the plan set out by the team is sound and shows a well thought out long-term strategy: durable tokenomics, adaptive farming emissions, and a buyback mechanism option together with community governance.

The rewards are built to last and there will be incentive to provide liquidity for years to come, together with options to extend this even further when the time is right.

But something that could be improved on is making this plan more transparent and easily available for all so the DAO can have an even better understanding and some ownership of the emissions.

  • How could the emission logic be better presented for all? How can the DAO have an even better understanding of the current farming emissions? e.g. Is it possible to have further live info on the DEX, updated graphs focusing on emissions, etc?
  • 2027-2028 and beyond: it’s never too early to prepare! When would be a good time to look at options like buyback to replenish farming treasury?
  • Any other thoughts, comments or feedback around the current plan presented here, any information that’s missing or that could be improved upon?

This is an interesting discussion alot of key points have been outlined in the previous blog, I personally like the buyback option, and something like live up to date emission graphs would come in good! Would love to see what other riders have in mind about this


I agree with @phelyx_chriss that a report on current emission rate would help in the transparency part.

I like to think about it in a monthly written report: there is a document template that we can see the relevant variables about the past month and see what changed, if anything changed at all.

Information like:

  • Minimum and maximum amount of WRT that could be distributed (minimum represents the farming rewards and the maximum represents the farming rewards + boosting vault rewards);
  • Amount of WRT distributed for farming
  • Amount of WRT distributed for boosting vault
  • WRT amount left to be distributed

Then in a quarterly report, we could get a graph to see how the emission is evolving to understand if it needs any adjustments.

This type of transparency could potentially help bringing helpful and innovative ideas on this topic.


Agreed guys. This is a super important discussion to have. Monthly/Quarterly emission reports could be a good start. Urging all riders to chime in with their thoughts on WRT emission strategy and transparency


+1 on a monthly or quarterly report! this is a good option until there’s a better solution in place, like a live service or chart on DEX page for current emissions, or similar.

something to suggest for WR team consideration! until then, please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or any feedback here. :slight_smile:

Are WRT buybacks compatible with the distribution of ADA derived from swap commissions to WRT holders?

I would think so, since these are two separate actions to take that don’t need to exclude each other out. Buybacks don’t seem to be on the table for now but has been mentioned in the past as one of the potential ways for DAO to refill the treasury in future. Right now we still got at least a few more years to go with the emission plan in place.