Modification of smart contracts to make WRT useful

Hi everyone! As the team claims, V2 may come in parts (launchpad works on V2). How about an update that allows the approved percentage of fees to be allocated to WRT holders and thus allows the value of the WRT token to increase and thus the TVL of Wingriders?

It cannot be that the rate change so that the held WRT receives ADA as a reward cannot be implemented because it requires V2 and claim, at the same time, that V2 is not possible because it is not much needed when the TVL does not grow and the incentive to the increase in TVL is the value or utility of WRT

Just to clear this up for me - your proposal is for “V2” code implementations of smart contracts within the DEX?

With the reasoning, that then the currently voted in proposal of ADA distribution will be possible?

Yes, same as launchpad