Mint USDM Using tresury funds

I would love to boost usdm liquidity on WR
I am wondering if it’s possible to use some of the treasury funds to do it.
Or maybe each willing user can send fiat usd to the bank account of WR team. In the section “reason of payment” put the receiving address. So WR does the KYC process for mintin USDM and then transfer all to the Ada/USDM pool and distribute the LPToken to each address…


this is actually something that was proposed by Mehen on this forum. I personally find the idea interesting and worth further looking into but the minting process in place currently is through a 3rd party and I’m not if it’s US-based only for the moment. The risk is that any funds committed to this will be effectively stuck with a third-party and not directly accessible by the DAO at any time. But it’s something that the team is aware of and discussing for now.

The sooner we figure out how to involve usdm the better!