Is there a way to get a refund?

Today i used yoroi on mobile and did a transaction through the muesliswap agreggator and i didnt check the tokens i was getting so i paid 22 ada per lifi tokens , then when i come to the pc and saw that i lost 99% of the value i just felt robed :frowning: , the transaction was done here on wingriders. Is there a way to get a refund or a “correction”?

–transaction details bellow–


Sorry for the delay. We don’t generally use this space for technical support, for that we advise you to open up a ticket on Discord in future to get help asap as we have a dedicated ticket system there.

But to provide an answer to your question: unfortunately there’s no way to “refund” since this is a DEX, the pools are not controlled by Wingriders, nor do we control the swapping happening in them. What has happened here is that you made a swap in a pool with very low liquidity, meaning there was only a small amount of tokens in the pool. This leads to the price impact being very high as there are not enough tokens to give you a good swap. The UI will always tell you how many tokens to expect before you sign so you need to carefully review before confirming. We advise you not to swap within pools with low liquidity and have asked Yoroi wallet to add a warning in this situations. We have a warning when you swap on Wingriders DEX directly but since this was through Yoroi they will have to update it on their side. Sorry that this was not the answer you were hoping for.

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