DAO Proposals submitted to previous Community portal platform


The WingRiders SDK has been a part of the community ideas for some time, in Q1 it will become a reality. SDK, short for Software Development Kit, will be an open-source JavaScript package that will make it easier for 3rd parties to integrate with our DEX. The end goal of the SDK is to help other protocols use WingRiders as an infrastructure component, being able to integrate swaps and potentially other features of the DEX into their own use cases, dApps and their UI.

The specified current goal of the SDK’s is to enable integrators to easily create swaps. That includes:

  • Fetching the state of the liquidity pool for which the swap is being created
  • Calculate the exchange rate from the liquidity pool state
  • With regard to settings (slippage, deadline, optionally also a different beneficiary), create a swap request.

This post serves as a discussion opener about community’s opinions before submitting the formal proposal to release the SDK. Feel free to suggest features not mentioned above and other improvements that can be incorporated. These ideas will be aggregated and a sensible timeline for the individual development stages of the SDK will be created.