DAO Proposals submitted to previous Community portal platform

The Lift-Off: the first DAO Binding proposal - which feature to implement on the Platform next?

As you might have already noticed, the introduction of our DAO voting solution is near. That also means that the first binding proposal is coming to our DEX. And because we want to set the right example for the next proposal creators, we want to discuss it with you before it’s finalized.

We want the community to decide which one of the top three feature requests submitted to the Improvements portal should be implemented first. This way the community can get to know the whole process, UI, and every detail of our solution while voting on something raised by the community itself.

The current top three community requests are:

  • Pools historic statistics

  • Option to automatically send rewards to boost vault

  • Option to change the display currency to ADA instead of USD

We also want to use this first proposal to begin gauging the correct height of the Attention threshold for proposals. The initial amount will be set to 2% of the circulating supply. This does not mean the amount is hereby set in stone as it’s really difficult to estimate it just right. It is still subject to change based on discussion, feedback, and newly discovered circumstances.

Voting period:
Start Oct 18 at 10 UTC
End Oct 25 at 10 UTC