DAO Proposals submitted to previous Community portal platform


Hi Riders!

Proud to present a new and exciting proposal about development of WingRiders Launchpad. The launchpad WingRiders would like to build is a non-custodial smart-contract based launchpad that focuses on security, decentralization and user friendliness.

The primary objective of the launchpad is to help new projects and their tokens launch via means of price discovery, raising funds for themselves and with entry to the liquidity market, while giving regular users the option to be an early supporter of their favorite project and be among the first token holders.

The launchpad’s focus on security will mandate strict rules on what the project can do with the raised funds to help eliminate risk of rug pools, and all the funds by all parties will be handled on-chain by smart contracts to ensure fair participation and security of deposited funds. Furthermore the smart contracts shall be written with decentralization as a key aspect, so that the launchpad protocol could operate in the future autonomously.

This launchpad will aim to be an essential resource for the Cardano community and everyone is hereby encouraged to get involved in this discussion. Any ideas, suggestions, or feedback that will help develop a launchpad that best serves the needs of the community are welcome.

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