NO ACTION NEEDED - LIMIT ONLY APPLIES TO DEX UI, NOT REPORT: Increase current limit of 100 transactions

First, congrats to the team on adding the ability to download a .csv-report of last 100 transactions on Wingriders DEX! I wanted to open up a simple post here to do 2 things. 1. Community: Gauge the general interest and need within the community to increase the current limit of 100 transactions. Obviously a power user of the DEX will have more than a 100 transactions and therefore might not be able to collect a complete report of their history. The thing to do right now would be to download a report on a regular basis to make sure not to miss out on any transactions. I would invite anyone here to share your thoughts on this, if you'd like to see an increase of this limit, and if a complete history is not possible currently, what would be a meaningful limit increase for you? 200 transactions? 500 transactions? 2. Wingriders Team: Again, congrats on adding this feature! For any potential future changes or improvements on this .csv-report I believe it would be helpful for all to better understand the current limitations and capacity to increase this limit since this is most likely performance related. What would the implications be of increasing this limit to 200 transactions? 500 transactions? and in future, possibly even a complete history? What would be a reasonable request for an increase for the near future?