Staking ADA from ADA/iAsset pools

Hi, Riders! Here's a new discussion about voting for stake pools for ADA/iAsset liquidity pools. As you might know, deposition of LPTs is supported directly on Indigo's platform. This means that it is not possible to effectively vote for stake pools on ADA/iAsset liquidity pools on WingRiders. In order to keep the stake pool voting option in place for these pools, the proposal is to replace it with DAO voting in two phases. First purpose of this discussion is to gather community’s candidate stakepools to delegate the ADA contained in WingRiders ADA/iAsset liquidity pools. The 10 most liked stakepools suggested below will then be used as options in a DAO proposal to select one stakepool for each ADA/iAsset liquidity pool. Contrary to regular stake pool voting, DAO voting has a limit on how many options - stake pools - can be included. That's the reason for limiting it to the choice of top 10. Please use the comment section below to propose a stakepool and use the like (heart) to upvote your favorite ones. Please always check first if your proposition is already listed in the discussion before proposing it. In the second phase, these top 10 stake pools will be then used to create an individual stake pool voting DAO proposal for each ADA/iAsset liquidity pool. It's proposed that the ADA will be delegated to the winning stake pool for 6 months following the evaluation of the proposal. Should the selected stakepool stop operating during these 6 months, the ADA will be delegated to the next most voted for one for the remaining time. Such a DAO vote will be done for each existing and newly created ADA/iAsset liquidity pool, with the same selection of stake pools. Overall under the proposed conditions, the stake pool selection followed up by DAO proposals for each ADA/iAsset liquidity pool will happen every 6 months. Thanks for reading this far, and feel free to also discuss the proposed solution in the comment section below.