Change of stake pool voting

Hello, community 👋 As many of you noticed, based on an internal decision by the core WingRiders team, delegations made to the FULCRUM stake pool due to stale stake pool voting were changed back to their default stake pools. We did this believing actors behind the votes were doing this with malicious intent, moving liquidity from one liquidity pool to another and, in the process swaying votes in their favor while not remaining active liquidity providers. That prompted us to think about the stake pool voting process and the fact that there was a way to change the vote in a stake pool's favor, gaining a significant amount of ADA in delegations while not having "skin in the game." That didn't sit right with us, so we want to improve the stake pool voting process. To do that, first, we want to discuss this with you, our community, so we can land on an improvement that will be by all of us. Our proposed change is to reset the choice of the stake pool to its default, once the voting threshold is no longer met. E.g., if in epochs 398-402, stake pool voting participation is above the threshold (25%), the winning stake pool is delegated to. When in epoch 403, the stake pool voting participation decreases below, we will reset it back to its default pool (e.g., NUFI). That was also the action we decided to take with the FULCRUM pool. However, we are also open to your proposals for improving the system, so we look forward to your contributions and discussions. Let them come!